Electro Optic Sensor System

The AIR family of uncooled infrared modules provides exceptional thermal imagery in a miniature package while maintaining industry low power consumption rates. Because of its compact, lightweight and low power features, Altay IR Module is the best product for all uncooled camera solutions.


General Features

EO System Consist of:

  • Thermal Camera
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Day Camera


  • Remote Weapon Stations
  • Target Detection Systems
  • Reconnaissance
  • Observation and Surveillance
  • Border and Port Control
  • Vehicle Mounted Systems

Thermal Camera

Spectral Band 8-12 µm (LWIR)
Array Type Uncooled Microbolometer
Material ASi
Detector 640x480
Pitch Size 17 µm x 17 µm
NETD of Detector < 30 mK (f/# 1.0, 300 K)
Autofocusing Available
Time-to-image < 2 sec (typically 1 sec)
Zoom time (NFOV to WFOV) < 8 sec
Focus Mechanism Motorized
WFOV - NFOV (Horizontal) 25.3° - 4.1° (±%10)
Motorized Continuous Zoom (Adjustable FOV's)
Optical Zoom Ratio 6X
Focal Length 25 mm – 150 mm (±%10)
f/# 1.4
Minimum Focusing Range 0.5m (±%10) (WFOV) – 13 m (±%10) (NFOV)
Outer Lens Coating Hard Carbon
Frame Rate 25 Hz (configurable up to 60 Hz)
Digital Zoom X1, X2, X3, X4, X8
Digital Zoom Continuous From X1 to X8 with 0.02 steps
Noise Cancelation Adaptive Temporal and Spatial Noise Cancelation
Detail Enhancement Edge Aware Adaptive Digital Detail Enhancement
Image Enhancement Plateau-based Adaptive Histogram Equalization
Color Palette Up to 8 different palettes
Live Calibration With Shutter (periodic or externally controllable)
Range Performance* NATO STANAG 4347; ΔT: 2°C, 1/3/6 cycles, %50 probability, α=0.2 km-1, Target (2.3 m x 2.3 m)
Target Vehicle Detection: 7.6 km (±%10)
Recognition: 3.2 km (±%10)
Identification: 1.7 km (±%10)

*DRI values shown are nominal values and should be used as an estimation. Exact DRI calculations depend on a wide variety of conditions.


Laser Range Finder

Safety and Class Eye safe, Class 1, EN60825-1:2014
Modes Single Measurement Mode (SMM)
Continuous Measurement Mode (CMM)
Wavelength 1.5 µm
Range Precision ±1.5 m (depending on target reflectivity and distance)
Beam Divergence 0.35 mrad
Ranging Capability 32 km
NATO Target Measurement Range SMM: 10 km (in visibility of 15 / 20 km, target reflectivity 30%, detection probability 90%)
CMM: 11km @10Hz
Target Discrimination < 30 m ; up to three targets, first second and last


Day Camera

Spectral Band 0.4 µm - 0.7 µm
Resolution 1080p / 720p
Optical Zoom 30X (±%10) Continuous Zoom
FoV (horizontal) Narrow FoV : 2.3⁰ (±%10)
Wide FoV : 63.7⁰ (±%10)
Electronic Zoom 12X (360X with optical zoom)
Frame Rate 25 Hz
Range Performance* NATO Target (2.3 m x 2.3 m)
Target Vehicle Detection: 13 km (±%10)
Recognition:8 km (±%10)
Identification: 4 km (±%10)

*DRI values shown are nominal values and should be used as an estimation. Exact DRI calculations depend on a wide variety of conditions.


Power MIL-STD-1275E compatible
Nominal Power Input Voltage 24 V
Maximum Power Consumption 20 W
Digital Video Output Parallel Video 1.8 V or 3.3 V LVCMOS: 8 Data + Vsync + Hsync + Pixclk
Ethernet: Real-Time Transport Protocol. Payload type is RFC4175
Analog Video Output PAL
Connectors Mil-DTL-38999 Series 3 Connectors
Communications RS-232 (9600/19200/38400/57600/115200)


Physical Properties

Weight 4kg (±%10)
Dimensions (W x H x L) 240 mm x 150mm x 240mm


Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature -32⁰ to +55⁰
Storage Temperature -40⁰ to +71⁰


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